Thursday, December 5, 2013

Watch Harry Abuse (Prologue)

  "One good thing about Music, when it hits you, you feel no Pain.” - Bob Marley

. . .                 . . .                   . . .

            When you know you know
            That’s what Harry’s mother once told him about the women he’d meet. There wouldn’t be electricity. There wouldn’t be stars. There won’t be that feeling that sticks to your gut. You won’t even see it coming, because you won’t be expecting it. But I tell you what Harry, when you know you know.
            Elizabeth liked to talk him up. She liked to whisper, “You’re the best, Harry. You’re the best damn musician I ever fucking met.”
            Elizabeth liked a lot of things. She liked her money, she liked her men, and most importantly she liked her drugs.
            “You’re the best. I swear it. But if you want to be the greatest you have to do what the greats did. Harry, you have to live their life.”
            “None of them lived past thirty!” – Harry said
            “What are you talking about? They’re still alive. They’ll live for eternity.”
She tapped the syringe lightly with her middle finger. It made a wooden sound that caused Harry to cringe.  He wasn't on the same level as Elizabeth. It's not that Harry was a prude. That was far from the case. It's just that people have to draw a line somewhere.
             Don't they? 
            “I don’t think I have to shoot heroin to be the next Mick Jagger.”- Harry Said
            “Who said anything about Jagger?” – Elizabeth proclaimed, “I want you to be the next Elvis Presley.”
            “Elvis! What makes you think I can even compare?” – Harry said.
            “When you know you know. “ Elizabeth whispered. Strapping a rubber band around his left bicep. “Sometimes things just are. You can feel it.”
            When you know you know, Harry thought. Which was crazy. It wasn’t more than three months ago Elizabeth first whispered that very sentence into his ear. He still remembers when he first saw her. She was wearing a black backless dress at a house party on Mulholland.  He spotted her at the fifty-yard line and her gaze practically dragged him towards her. She was the sun and everything revolved around her. Slowly her gravity pulled him closer. Now he realized, from a distance she was lovely- light and beautiful causing reason to his world, but when she brought him closer he saw her for what she really was. She was deadly. She was radioactive. And she was hotter than hell.  
            “Believe me, Harry. This is what makes them great. It’s not their music. They have producers for that. That's not their artistry. It's how they carry themselves. It’s what they do that make them good. Its what they abuse that make them great.”
            “How do I know when it hits?”
            “I just told you. When you know you know.”
Elizabeth stuck the needle into his arm and in that moment the sun shone brighter than it ever had before. He could feel it. The rays. It was great. He was going to be great.
He just knew it.