Monday, January 18, 2010

My Hamper.

Have you seen this hamper?

I was about fifteen years old when my mom bestowed upon me my first grown up hamper. A grown up hamper is a hamper, that of course, holds more clothing than a little boy hamper. This hamper held my clothing for six years of my life. Together my hamper and I have seen the world, or at least the western side of the United States. Yet that's a lot of travel time that most hampers don't get to experience with their human companions.

As you can see this hamper is not your traditional bucket and holes. This mother fucker is heavy duty. This guy could have lasted a century...

Until somebody stole it.

I was doing my laundry at the Thompson wash n' dry. I usually follow the same routine: Throw my clothes into the dryer, grab a VC reporter, and listen to music outside for thirty minutes. Except this day, this day was different. I came inside to find my hamper gone. He couldn't have ran away, because, well, he is a hamper. So after some interviews with local clothes washers, no body saw what happened. Convenient...

This leaves me to believe that whom ever took my hamper is a professional. That being said. If someone can bring this hamper back to me, I am offering an award of five dollars.

The hamper looks like the one on top, except there is a crack down the side of it.

Please email me when my hamper is found..

Also if you have any information about the person who may have taken my hamper. I am offering ten dollars, as I would love to scold them.

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